SPCA Contact Number: 0207 380 1501

If you would like to find out the weekly activities schedule, then contact their schedule enquiry line on 0207 380 1501.

The Saint Pancras Community Association, or SPCA, manages a facility that’s perfect for clients of all ages. There are activities that cater to the young as well as activities that were specifically designed for the elderly to enjoy. Toddlers are kept active and interested in the nursery with a set schedule of what to do during their stay. This is true for all other guest of any age.

There are drama classes for children as well as for adults. For school aged children, there are also Maths and English tutorial services. There is a public speaking class for adult learners as well as art and dance classes. At SPCA, it’s not only the mind that gets nourished, there are also exercise activities like Pilates and Tai Chi that promote sound physical health. For the elderly, there are movie clubs, yoga and bingo to keep them entertained.

They are located at the Saint Pancras area and they have come to be very popular for other non-government organisations that try and make life better for many unfortunate individuals in Central London.

In the past, the SPCA had two sites. Today, however, there is only one, their main one near Kings Cross Station.

SPCA Phone Numbers

If you want to check the available weekly activities, then contact them on their enquiries phone line on 0207 380 1501.

If you wish to volunteer for work related to taking care of children, then call 0207 387 2377, ask for either Margaret or Shelagh. If you’re interested in working in admin for the facility, call 0207 380 1501.

Volunteer work can also be for the benefit of the elderly. Volunteers have the responsibility to build rapport with their elderly clientèle and to keep them company by using artistic activities. If you want to volunteer for the elderly, then call them on 0207 380 1501, look for Emma or Laura. Also call this number if you want to volunteer as a sandwich club assistant.

If you wish to volunteer as an activities assistant for the elderly, then dial 0207 383 4829. Look for Laura or Emma.

If you want to offer your services as a volunteer administrator, then call them on 0207 380 1501. Look for Elaine.

Email Address

You can also email your enquiries to: info@spca.org.uk

Post to the SPCA

If you prefer to write to the SPCA via old fashioned post, then send them a letter:

St Pancras Community Centre,
30 Camden Street,
NW1 0LG,
United Kingdom.