Sky Contact Number: 0800 151 2747

Whether you’re a current Sky TV subscriber or someone new to Sky, you need to contact their customer service representatives on their Sky HD enquiries phone line on 0800 151 2747.

When you choose to get Sky HD, you’ll immediately notice the difference. This is because the picture you see on an HD channel has more details than those broadcast in SD. The difference can be as much as five times more. This translates into more realistic pictures that look crisper and sharper than what you’ll get out of any standard definition channel.

With the introduction of high definition capable cameras, HD broadcast and HD capable television sets, we have now become much more discerning with our programmes. With today’s standards, programmes broadcast in SD, or standard definition, seem a little hazy and sometimes even washed-out. Our tastes have evolved to the point that we are no longer satisfied with just a standard broadcast. This is why most large networks and channels now have HD broadcast versions of their channels. Cable and pay tv providers like Sky offer their subscribers the option to either get their shows in HD or not.

Sky HD offers more than 50 HD channels. Everyone in the family is bound to have their own list of favourites. Sky Sports and Sky Movies also get a boost. The channels you get depends on the bundle you are subscribed to. There is the Family bundle with the 50 entertainment channels available or if you prefer, there are also the Sky Movie and Sky SportsĀ  bundles. By subscribing to any of these bundles, you will also be given the Sky HD box that gives you total control. With this HD Box, you will be able to record a maximum of 60 minutes of HD goodness.

Sky HD Phone Number

If you’re already a Sky TV subscriber, then all you need to do is upgrade. Whether you’re a new subscriber or someone who already has Sky TV, you need to call 0800 151 2747 to get your Sky HD.