Scott Rees & Co Contact Number: 0800 614 361

If you wish to contact Scott Rees & Co with your claims, then call their enquiries helpline on 0800 614 361.

There is a lot of money to be made if you take full advantage of the law. This is where the solicitors come in. When you hire a solicitor like Scott Rees & Co you’re not only hiring solicitors to advocate for you, you are taking a big step towards big financial gains. Scott Rees & Co claims that they will relate to you on a personal level and not just refer to you as a case file. This means that you can be sure that they will make your legal claims, their legal claims. They after all offer the ‘No Win, No Fee’ option for their clients. This shows that if they are serious about taking your case, then there must be some big pay off in it for them.

Their services include accident management, catastrophic injuries, personal injury, medical negligence,  wills and probate, family law, public liability, product liability and occupiers liability. If you’re unfortunate enough to experience some legal issues under any of these situations, then you can easily turn your luck around by hiring the best solicitors to switch the odds in your favour.

The company was founded in 1992 and their ‘No Win, No Fee’ guarantee made them popular with their clients. Soon, they were handling case files in what later became their full suite of services.

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If you think you’ve been wronged and that this legal slight may potentially have a big payout attached to it, then you can call them on their customer help line on  0800 614 361. They can also be contacted from a landline on 0808 278 8907.

You can also call them from your mobile for free on 0333 122 8943. If you prefer to text, then just text you queries and concerns to 89298.


If you prefer to use your very own email client for this, then just email them details of your claim on:

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